Past shows

Trini Lopez &

Chip Miller 




Jefferson Starship

Paul Kantner-Cathy Richardson

Jude Gold-David Freiberg

Donny Baldwin-Chris Smith






Host: Bonnie Gilgallon



Shirley Evaro


April 2014

Host: Bonnie Gilgallon


Brad Mercer

Mikole Kaar

Alvin Taylor

(Drummer for George Harrison

Elton John and Little Richard)

Host: Bonnie Gilgallon


Darci Daniels

Paul MacKey

(Paul talks about new record label here in the 

Coachella Valley!)



March 2014

Host: Valerie Kattz


Pictures From Eden

Mark Guerrero

Josh Heinz

Blasting Echo

Opera-Broadway Special!

March 2014


Jamie Chamberlin

Victoria Kirsch

David Castillo


Kal David

Calista Carradine

Will Donato

Chase Huna

Roni Lee Group with Lynn Sorensen of BAD COMPANY  

The Band WAXY


Roni Lee Group Booking for Coachella Valley - David Ross 760-766-6733


Brad Mercer, Brian Nova, Larry Holloway

El Chicano

Bruce Fessier 

Entertainment Writer at:

Deanna Bogart

The BYRDS Gene Clark's brother Rick Clark 

Steve Rodgers

Son of Legend

Paul Rodgers (Bad Company) 

Performances before and after Interview

(Paul Rodgers son)

Queen Keyboardist

Spike Edney

& Special Guests

Alex Santana

Courtney Chambers

Tyler Nelson

(Great White/Wyldsky

Interview along with performances with Great White and Wyldsky


Calista Carradine

Thomas Gabriel

Johnny Cash's Grandson!